Xavier Edwards Accomplishments

Fitness Advocate | Engineer | Designer

Xavier’s Story

Throughout my life I dreamed of becoming an inventor. I earned my Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering at Davis University in California. My biggest struggle was finding a job after graduating but I was determined to not give up and find my dream job. 


My mother often reminded me not to let others get me down. I’ll never forget something that she said that changed my whole outlook: “Use your skills to create your lifelong dream as an engineer Inventor.” 

I was motivated like never before and decided to go for it! I applied my knowledge from college and my creativity skills to enhance my dream and I launched RBN X-Factor.

I’m very proud of my brand and invite you to join our newsletter list, find tips to reach your goals and shop the performance store!

“Use your skills to create your lifelong dream”


Fitness & Competition Accomplishments

Degree and Certification

  • High School Diploma
    Angelo Rodriguez High School
  • Bachelor Science: Mechanical Engineer
    University of California Davis


  • AutoCad experience 7 yrs. experience 
  • Solidworks
  • Manufacture Process: 4 yrs. experience
  • Artwork design 10 yrs. experience
  • Photoshop
  • Art illustration
  • Vector design
  • 3D Printing: 5 yrs. Experience
  • Mathematica 5 yrs. experience

American Ninja Warrior Contestant

Xavier competed in four different seasons of American Ninja Warrior and tested the obstacle courses for another season.

Sports Challenges

Xavier has tried many competitive sports events, including:



5Ks, Half Marathons, and Full Marathons

Obstacle Courses: Epic Race, Tough Mudder, Spartan race 


When Xavier is not competing, he enjoys collecting old and foreign monies; collecting old and cultural jewelry and artifacts; traveling; and, of course, working out at the gym.

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