Interested in Volunteering?
BN XFACTOR is excited that you took the time to read what we offer for our cause. This is a startup program and I need people who are interested to share and promote my startup program. Since the world doesn't do anything for free, RBN will giving away rewards that are worth over $5000.

How it

Members can gain points for sharing any campaign

Gain 1 point donation [limited 50 shares per week and after 5000 point no points earned from sharing, but unlimited share]

Any purchase from a donor

receive 25 points.

Invite your friends

For inviting other members to participate as volunteers [ Member will receive 20 points only the invited members joins] [Once you reach 5000 point, point will be limited by 1 point and only can invite a 100 per week]

Gain Points for Donating

Members can gain 25 points for donating funds to any campaign

Share on Social Media

points each by following any of the social media [one time only] [Instagram, Facebook, pinterest, YouTube, twitter, LinkedIn]

Get Additional Points for Signing Up

100 points for signing up

Earn 10,000 Points

to unlock each reward that worth over $10000.

Earn Commission

10% Commission based sales earned by promoting product from RBN’s Storefront. Member gain 25 points.

Continue to gain

more points after 5000 point to reach to 10000 points to gain more prizes and money..

Affiliate come to play by

inviting members to reach 20 sales and both earn $50 cash rewards and additional 200 point each.

Only sale base and donation

will earn the most points and commission will increase every 5000 points.

New Commision

changed to 15% after reaching 5000 points. Each sales points have increased to 30 points. [limited commission sales up to 20% with limited to sale to gain this commission based.]

Sign Up for the newsletter

Member gains additional 50 points for subscribing to an email newsletter


  1. Unlocking Discounts from 10% – 30% 
  2. Achieve prizes and rewards from this website
  3. Commission sales base 10% – 20% increase per 5000 Points [ product are limited to unlock and obtain a commission sales at 20%]
  4. Invite a Friend to join and the new member must get 20 sales to bonus 200 points and $50 cash to both members
  5. More shares and engagement equal increase of number followers in your social media.
  6. Free T-shirt after reaching 5000 points
  7. Get updates from news letter on how to how to gain followers
  8. Get updates on how to increase sells.

Primary purpose for being a part of this Team

RBN XFACTOR is continue new ideas and opportunity for the misfortune. The reason why you  should stick with us to the end and help this company achieve their goals. In the long run, you will be individually be invested and get genuine support when this project is complete. RBN want to give a head start by allowing to start your business of very own eCommerce store and achieving sales by following our method. RBN will give tutorials to be financial stable and also mentally and physically fit. Remember this site is a Fitness and Health awareness.

Continuing on as our founder member and obtain a total of 10000 point you will achieve:

  1. A Free website or an access of a sub domain website if you can’t afford a domain at this moment.
  2. Get free advertisement once or TWICE a month with all access.
  3. Everything in the store and marketing will be marked down from 25 – 40% 
  4. Get access for online personal trainer and get access to a training package with an affordable price.
  5. Members can obtain the mysterious pattern product for FREE, once you complete over 10,000 points.

Like a said, more plans are coming soon so be ready for anything that will change your life for the better